Rachael McCully

Rachael McCully is an abstract painter from Melbourne who currently resides in Albi, Southern France.McCully's works are characterised by the use of bold shapes, balanced compositions and often muted colour palettes. Completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts in 2005, Rachael trialled different creative mediums over the years before returning to the brush, but one element that has always been central to her work is her quest for creating harmonious compositions. 


"I've always been obsessive about creating balance. For me the biggest joy in creating a piece is solving the puzzle of the composition; starting with a mark, a shape, a colour, and seeing how the relationships change and evolve with each additional element… Agonising over a piece not working, just waiting for that moment of intuition where you suddenly know a tiny lime green dot is the key. I get a big kick out of the problem-solving process.


"The simplicity of a composition (at least in the viewer's eye) and sense of harmony through balance and colour is hugely important to me. Maintaining a certain level of calm energy is a priority for me due to my tendency toward anxiety and panic, and I think this is why my work is quite minimal. It's a visual relief for my mind and I think this is what collectors have also been drawn to; we're all so bombarded by content on our devices and it's becoming increasingly hard to switch off - we all need time to just pause and create space in our head."

-Rachael McCully


(Text from Piermarq Gallery, Melbourne)


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