Hedley Roberts

"Hedley Roberts is a British artist living and working in Margate UK. A graduate of both the Royal College of Art and Saint Martins, Roberts has an academic background with a Doctorate in Art and a 25 year history of Professorial positions in the UK and internationally. He is a published art writer, curator and the founder of 'Directional Forces'; a temporal residency programme that has had over 100 artists take part, including 25 during the 2015 Venice Biennale. Roberts' has presented his artwork in London since the early 1990s and internationally in Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, across Europe and in the USA; Roberts' work is associated with 'New Gothic'; and mainly takes the form of what he calls 'Non-portraits'; paintings of real people that lose their reference to the person in the making of the painting. He is also known for his still-life 'vanitas' paintings in the momento-mori tradition. At HeliumCowboy, Roberts will display three paintings from a series of non-portraits where the sitters have been transformed into deities."