Janka Zöller

The photorealistic works of Janka Zöllner show scenes from the private lives of different people, sometimes even the artist herself. The pictures seem like snapshots from vacation, family and friends. They are casual, accidental scenes without any real context.  "I want my painting to give a space to the diversity of the possible, and above all not to exclude anything.  At the same time, it is important not to lose the spontaneous and playful." says Zöller.


Born in Bruchsal, Germany, Zöller first studied painting and graphic arts in Leipzig and later painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Her works refer to the visual aesthetics of social media. With photos of ourselves and our everyday lives, we construct our own digital reality. This flood of images that rushes through us every day has become an immediate part of our lives. Zöllner's works encourage us to critically question this new reality. "Everyone makes these thoughtless selfies on vacation. I want to conserve them, give them an upgrade by transferring them into painting." 

Sources: Interviews with Janka Zöller in Elle Germany and https://www.newniq.com/