Elisa Valenti's powerful works, which are mostly self-portraits, celebrate the female body in all its forms. The presence of the artist can be felt in each of her poses: revealing, self-confident, lustfully provocative, self-empowering. “While there is still a lot of work to be done, we are making progress on this front,” says the artist, “my work shows that beautiful, curvy and diverse women doing things like eating pizza or watering a plant, are worthy of being seen.”


Valenti grew up in New York City as the daughter of Sicilian immigrants. Her youth was shaped by an open-minded and culturally enthusiastic parental home. With her nude portraits, the self-taught artist has made an artistic statement that has received much attention in the New York art scene as well as beyond. In partly extravagant poses she stages her naked body in ordinary living rooms and everyday scenes. She does not idealize herself, but proudly shows herself as nature created her.


Valenti's art is a radical and refreshing response to the standardized, perfect body image of today's glossy magazines and media world. At the same time, the artist consciously opposes the traditions of art history: „For years, women were painted by men and so often you see a one-dimensional figure – these women have stories and emotions, they should be seen.”