Keith Wischermann

Keith is from Bottrop, located in the center of the industrial area Ruhrgebiet. For studies, he moved to his chosen home Hamburg, while spending time in London to work and in Oxford to study too. Keith is a self-taught artist; his works have been sold across Germany, the UK, the US, and others. 
He is fascinated by storytelling. To build a strong narrative, his artworks are well researched and strategically planned before being created. The themes of his current work reflect pop culture, such as sweets, sneakers, and toys. Simultaneously, societal dynamics weave through his creations. Celebrating and criticizing society with an optimistic outlook. 
He paints in two differentiated styles, leaning on cubism and pop art. 
Keith works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas or fine art paper. Still, he has recently begun to examine 3-dimensional collages for his Zeitgeist series. His unique constellation of form, objects, and vibrant color invites viewers to explore and dwell in memories. His work has been shown in several exhibitions over the last decade.