Christophe Lambert

In 2008, we’ve introduced the work of Christophe Lambert to Hamburg. This image was taken at our gallery space at the Schlachthof and shows the finished exhinition set up. His eclectic body of work includes films, illustrations, graphic design, sculpture and collage, making him the original luxury punk. 


Always DIY, and always invited warmly into various avant-garde scenes (beer and entry exchanged for Christophe’s work on flyers, posters, whatever and wherever), his is a constant work in progress. Recognizing stable tendencies in his productions is not obvious. What is revealed in this anxiety is an artist who constantly manipulates and re-appropriates, taking anything and everything sacred and pulling at it until it is profane once more.


It is a human work. It is a punk work. 


Mickey Mouse is not safe, nor is Nietzsche or your little sister’s stuffed animals. Cute and cuddly are not concerns as Christophe sabs at the so-called normalcy of commercial culture and its latent ideologies. Working as an independent artist since the early 1990’s, Christophe Lambert has appeared in several English, Spanish, Italian, Belgian and Swiss publications and his CV boasts many many years of communicating his voice in solo and group exhibtions across Europe.