Anne Athena

Anne Athena was born in Aarhus Denmark 1984. Her practice springs from her deep interest in human behaviour, spirituality and psychology, human beings and the stories of their lives, the history of humanity and its development and habitation on this planet.  She works within the realms of figurative, surrealism and symbolism to create narratives that opens a window to the unseen worlds of the human being.  Her research method is auto-ethnographic, a concept that deals with collection meaning instead of data. Anne´s ceramic practice is her medium wherein she can materialize her studies and contemplations. The aesthetics are heavily influenced by traditional ceramics; pattern, ornamentation, the figure and the vessel.


Anne’s practice demonstrates her intense interest in human behaviour and her skill as a major ceramic artist. The majestic works, finely painted to tell her stories, both autobiographical and mystical, are simply magical from every viewpoint. She has a passion for historical art and design - her work alludes to traditional shapes, patterns and ornamentation acting as a veil for the intensity of content.  Her skilled drawing and mark making has developed and evolved from her earlier art practice of painting, allowing a unique language, evidenced on the evocative works in our exhibition.


Anne Lykke holds a BA in ceramics from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts(2014) and a MA of ceramics from the Royal College of Art (2019). Her work is held in collections worldwide.