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Visiting hours are announced on our instagram and on the exhibition page, but we are mostly open by appointment - just get in touch  on instgram, through the contact form below or call us.






In November 2020 Jörg Heikhaus, who founded the heliumcowboy artspace back in 2002 handed over the reins of the gallery to his son Melvin. Jörg resigned from all his operative work at heliumcowboy to focus solely on his work as an artist. Melvin Heikhaus is now the new gallerist on the Ranch. The exhibition „Hurry up please, it’s time“ that opened November 2020 was the first exhibition he curated in his new position.

Stepping back from his leading role at heliumcowboy has been Jörg’s plan for a few years already, because running two jobs at the same time has become incredibly hard and he now wishes to fully concentrate on his art, which he creates under the name of Alex Diamond since 2004 (and most recently with his Flaum van Kreuzen-project). Looking back, his art really was the origin of heliumcowboy all along: In 2002 Jörg began to make exhibitions in his artist studio in Hamburg St. Pauli, which he eventually turned into the internationally acclaimed gallery heliumcowboy.

In 2016, Melvin assisted him for the first time setting up and executing an exhibition. With the 15-years anniversary show „Cowboyland“ in 2017 he came on board more permanently and has been Jörg’s right-hand man for most of the shows at the gallery and on fairs since.

He is ready now to take on the whole business with a set of fresh eyes and ideas for the art world. Jörg will help out only with strategic issues if needed, but apart from that Melvin Heikhaus (23) is now most likely the youngest gallerist in town - and the new Head Honcho on the Ranch, to stick with the heliumcowboy lingo.

We hope you all will support him in this big new task ahead. Make sure to help keep a vibrant gallery scene alive by visiting the shows, spreading the word and of course by buying art.



In the year 2002, Jörg Heikhaus opened a small gallery in his artist studio, a very small space in Hamburg St. Pauli. It was experimental, it was different, it was the first of its kind in Germany, and one of very few like-minded artspaces in Europe. Almost 20 years later, this experiment has long proven to be a global success and heliumcowboy is proud to say that it became a vital part in the foundation of one of the largest new movements in contemporary art today.


We were a pioneer among a new breed of galleries with the aim to discover exciting young artists with the ability to blow away boundaries and to establish nothing less but the future aesthetics of art.

Since the beginning, our motto (and ethos) derives from an old 70ies song: „A cowboy‘s work is never done“. This in mind, we quickly expanded the gallery’s reach by showcasing artists from around the globe, organizing exhibitions abroad and in unusual places, and taking part in acclaimed art fairs in New York, Miami, Basel, Cologne and Berlin.

heliumcowboy tirelessly supports artists by giving them the space and opportunity to fully explore and showcase their talent. Jointly, we have been getting our hands and minds dirty, achieving a shared goal: to establish emerging and mid carree artists within the field of probably the most contemporary form of fine art.


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