einblick #1: Fabian Wolf

12 - 18 February 2021



Because times are still weird, I changed the exhibition format for the first few weeks of 2021: "einblick" is a new series of one-week-exhibitions in our gallery windows. Every week we will open a small exhibition on two wood wall walls we build especially for this occasion. We invite one artist who will show his artworks on these walls for one week only, and they will be visible through our windows so you can see them from the outside, day and night, as the current regulations won't allow visitors inside the gallery. 


Our first artist for the exhibition format called "einblick" is our dear friend Fabian Wolf. He made new drawings on book pages for this exhibition especially and we are really excited to have him. On Friday February 12 we will also have a Digital Vernissage at 8:15 pm over Zoom, where I invited Fabian to talk about his art with me - and you guys, if you'll join us. 


Recording of the Vernissage available here