einblick #5: Rasmus Rinhack

24 March - 9 April 2021

Our fifth edition of the new exhibition series called "einblick" will be with Rasmus Rinhack. "einblick" is a new series of one-week-exhibitions in our gallery windows. Every week we will open a small exhibition on two wood wall walls we build especially for this occasion. We invite one artist who will show his artworks on these walls for one week only, and they will be visible through our windows so you can see them from the outside, day and night, as the current regulations only allow a few visitors under strict rules. 


Rasmus Rinhack's universe is full of dynamic energies, visual surprises, and untraditional combinations. Although Rasmus Rinhack is a young artist, who is obviously inspired by history, it is mostly all the old conflict, that drives his art: the struggle between fantasy and power. The fight against lost imagination, the conformity, the destruction of nature, and the blind exercise of power is the very core in Rasmus Rinhack's art universe.


For this edition, I will talk with Rasmus Rinhack live over Zoom, at 8:15 on Wednesday March 24, and you can also watch us live on Facebook as well! The talk will be in english.