Treasure Island: International Group Show

23 March - 14 April 2023

Finissage this Friday, April 14! Come join us, for the draw of the winners from our own Treasure hunt. 


If you haven't taken part yet, you can do so until April 14, 8 PM. 


We are open Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays from 3 to 6 PM. Or write us an Email at to make an appointment.


Info on the Treasure Hunt here.

"Treasure Island" is a group exhibition in which we have put together works from the past 21 years and will spread them wildly all over the walls. This will create a kind of treasure hunt for you, where you will definitely find your own "Treasure"! 

Artists in the show: 

Adam Eva
Alex Diamond
Bene Rohlmann
Boris Hoppek
Ces McCully
Dave the Chimp
David Choe x Sam B.
Elisa Valenti
Flaum van Kreuzen
Guido Sieber
Hedley Roberts
Jaybo Monk
Jens Rausch
Joi Fischer
Krestine Haboe
Mercedes Helnwein
Nicola Watson
Ole 56K
Rasmus Rinhack
Sarah Abo Selim
Stefanie Rausch
Susannah Martin
Victor Castillo
and more!