Celebrating 20 years of heliumcowboy

It has been a long ride. It took us from St. Pauli into the world, to the crazy art hot spots Miami and New York, to Basel, London, Copenhagen and other cities and countries that like to celebrate art. We moved amongst our beloved Underground and the High Society of the arts. But we‘ve always kept faithful to Hamburg, as our base and starting point for our adventures into the world of art.

A lot of things have happened, mostly good, some bad, and many things have changed over the years. The biggest change: In 2020 Jörg has stepped back from the gallery work to focus solely on his own art and handed the reigns over to his son Melvin (24), which continues the adventure with a set of fresh eyes and new energy.  

There is no denying that the past 2 years have been - and still are - a huge challenge for us. It is tough at times to keep the spirit up and fight the difficulties and restraints we are facing together with our artists. The closing of the physical space for months, the postponing and cancelling of shows, the limitations of personal interaction are poison for a profession that lives mostly from direct communication.

But we are still here, and we still make plans for this very special year to celebrate two decades of young, urban, revolutionary, contemporary new art with our wonderful artists, with our friends and supporters and hopefully many many guests.


The first three shows of the year are


8 April – 14 May -  Jens Rausch: Miles
27 May – July 1  -Nicola Watson: Letting Go
June 6 – 12 - Alex Diamond: It's all good (at Barlach Halle K)

We’ll tell you all about it on our website here, on instagram and of course when you come visit us at the gallery.

January 25, 2022
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