New podcast and first show of the year

This week, Jens Rauschs fourth Solo exhibition called "MILES" will start. Vernissage is on April 8, from 6 - 10 PM. Jens is showing a new work series and we are ecstatic to see all of you in our gallery again, especcially for suh a special exhibition. You will find more information on the show at our exhibitions page


You can also now listen to the new episode of our new Podcast formatan open conversation between Jörg Heikhaus (aka Alex Diamond, 54) and Melvin Heikhaus (24), between artist and gallery owner, between father and son. We talk about our assessment of the importance of online sales in art, about platforms like Artsy and Co. and assess the whole thing after 2 years of Corona. Has the behaviour of customers changed? 


The second part is an interview with Jens Rausch, where we talked about his upcoming show "MILES". 


Listen to the Podcast everywhere you can find them, like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and others





April 8, 2022
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